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Quilt Contest - Rules & Regulations

Entries must be the creation of the ONE person (in the case of Large, Wall and Miniature categories) or persons  (in case of the Group categories) submitting the work and should be insured.  Quilts must have been made within the past three years and be original (no kits).  They must be either machine or hand quilted.  No tied quilts (with the exception of crazy quilts entered in the Mixed/Other Techniques category) or "cheater cloth" quilts will be accepted.   In the case of the special award, Best Artistry in Longarm Quilting, the quilting must be original and not a computer pre-programmed pattern. There is a limit of two quilts per person or group. The quilt may not have been submitted to a Quilt Odyssey contest in previous years.

Please give us all information about your quilt - did you quilt it? If not, we need to know and it should be entered into the Group category! Failure to disclose information about all those participating in the creation of your quilt may disqualify you from monetary awards.

Size Guidelines

  • Large Quilts - Equal to or more than 270 inches in perimeter.
  • Wall Quilts - Between 97 inches and 269 inches in perimeter.
  • Miniature Quilt - 96 inches and less in perimeter & must be miniature in nature
  • Group Quilt - Any size

Note:  Juried quilts will not be disqualified because they are in the wrong category.  If the judges feel it should be in another category, it will be judged in the appropriate one.

There is a $15.00 registration fee per quilt entered.  You may write one check for multiple entries. Entrants must submit  digital jpegs of your entry on a CD labeled with your name and name of the quilt. DO NOT put your name in the picture of the quilt! These CDs, along with the completed entry form and the proper amount for entry fees must be postmarked by April 30. Entry fees are non-refundable. If you want to have your CD returned, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope big enough for the CD to fit in it, along with your entry.

Only the category, name of the quilt and dimensions are disclosed during the jurying process in order to be as fair as possible. 

You will be notified, one way or the other, by May 30. Upon acceptance, you must send your quilt to Quilt Odyssey to arrive no earlier than July 1, 2017, and no later than July 14, 2017. International entries may be sent earlier to insure their timely arrival. You MUST include the return shipping form sent to you upon acceptance, properly and completely filled out with payment and/or a prepaid return shipping label. Quilts not having a prepaid label must have a check to cover the return shipment.  If the check does not cover the entire cost, the quilt will only be insured for whatever the amount of the check will cover. Please do not send stamps if using the post office for the return of your quilt. The post office actually picks up the quilts at our office because we use Click & Ship labels which automatically have a tracking number on them. If you send stamps, the return will be delayed by several more days because the post office will not pick up packages from an office with stamps on them: this is due to the new terrorist guidelines used by the postal service. NOTE: In cases of international entries, the entrants may opt to pay by MC/Visa for return shipment.

Please ship the quilt(s) in a cloth bag within a plastic bag within a sturdy cardboard box. Label all bags and boxes with your name, address, and phone number. If sending more than one quilt, make sure each quilt is easily identifiable in its own carton. If sending more than one quilt, please use separate boxes for each quilt: they may be securely taped together, but make sure your name and address is clear on each box.If you have special packing instructions, please send us a diagram and complete instructions. We handle many quilts and may not remember how they were specially packed. We take every care in repackaging them for shipment home and would appreciate any instructions you require.

DO NOT USE PEANUTS!!! The biodegradable ones are not safe for quilts if they come in contact with liquid and the styrofoam ones are just plain hard to deal with. Plus there is NO WAY we can repack your quilt in them, so don't use them!

If hand delivering or picking up your entry, please let us know in writing at least two weeks ahead of time. Identification will be required by the person picking up the entry upon completion of the show.

Quilts must have a 4-6" wide sleeve sewn to the top back of the quilt as well as a cloth label sewn to the back of the quilt with the name, address and phone number of the entrant. Then loosely baste a piece of muslin over this label so the judges won't see this information.

Quilts will be on display until the close of the show on Sunday, July 23, 2017. At that time, only authorized staff will be allowed in the quilt room. If picking up a quilt, you must have proper identification. No quilts will be given out before 5pm. Quilt Odyssey will return quilts within 3 days. If your quilt is scheduled for another show, we can ship directly to that show as long as you send us complete shipping instructions and a prepaid label or check as directed above. Usually UPS and Fedex packages are returned on the Monday after the show. US Postal Service packages may not be picked up until Tuesday.

Quilt Odyssey reserves the right to use photographs of quilts entered into the contest for PUBLICITY, advertising OR PROMOTIONAL purposes.



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