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Terms of Service



All merchandise will receive a full refund for any returned merchandise provided that the item is returned in original, undamaged condition.


After invoice/receipt/confirmation, if you cancel a class or lecture, there is an administrative fee of 20%. However, if you purchase a class on the same event day as the class that you canceled, this is known as a lateral move: there will be an administrative charge of only 10% for the returned class in this case.

After June 10, there are no refunds for classes and lectures unless we can fill your space at the show. Then there is a 20% administrative fee charged. You have an option of “selling” your class at the show which we will handle for you. If your class sells, we will charge the administrative fee of 20% and send you a check for the balance after the show. June 10 is the last date to cancel classes or lectures. After July 5, you can no longer pre-register and must wait to register or buy classes, lectures or merchandise until you are at the show. Due to the quilts coming in and being catalogued and then moving to the show location, we will be unable to receive or send emails from July 19 until after the show. If you need to contact us before July 21, please call us at 717-423-5148. We will actually be working at the show location setting up after July 21.


Refunds on groups: we offer 100% refunds on any absent members of the group as long as the group has at least 20 paying members.

Policies are subject to change without notice.