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#112 – Silk Scarf – Joyce Teng


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All skill levels. This compelling evening class teaches you all the skills you need to know to go home and embellish a one-of-a-kind 100% silk scarf (provided as part of your class materials). Use practice pieces to build your color blending and shading skills by working with a variety of stencils and the brilliant colors of Tsukineko inks. Learn spraying, coloring and stencil layering techniques for creating rainbow gradients and textured images. Best of all, you can use what you’ve learned to add innovative artwork to many different surface design project. Kit Fee of $30 includes assorted fabric samples, silk scarf, silk hanky, jumbo and small daubers, squeegee, ink and dropper. Cost of class: $37.

Supply List: Scissors, masking or painter’s tape, paper towels, paper lunch bag, can of shaving cream (Barbasol works best), small clear spray bottle 1⁄3 full with 90% rubbing alcohol, clothes hanger with sliding clips (holds fabric in the air while spraying), (2) extra large trash bags. Optional: apron, sleeve protector, white or white-on-white cotton fabric, daubers, your own Tsukineko all-purpose inks.


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