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#206 – 21st Century Documentation – Betty Neff


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Join Betty for this morning class from 9am to noon. All skill levels. In your own words you will begin to evaluate and write your quilt history. Have you ever thought about it before now? One hundred years from now, what you write in a journal or on a quilt surface will be your legacy to future generations. “Remember me when this you see” has resonated through our quilting lives and yet, it was just 6 words inked onto fabric in 1846. The agenda includes: How to collect oral history. How to journal about yourself. Making a personal quilt registry. Idea exchange. Collection of patterns for person documentation. Lettering in ink and fabric. Class is unique and personal.  It is saturated with hands-on and information. fee of $12 includes 20 or more printouts, fabric stamped samples and pre-cuts. Cost of class: $40. Download supply list for class prep and needed supplies.

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