206 Strawberry Huswif Sewing Kit- Friday 9-12 2-5


Instructor: Deborah Tirico

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Instructor: Deborah Tirico

A “huswif” referred to a thrifty and prudent wife in Middle English. By the 18th century, how­ever, the term became related to the sewing rolls that were made and carried by such women to stow sewing tools and supplies. These sewing rolls were often tied to large pockets in a woman’s underskirts. During the Civil War, women sent such kits to soldiers to help them repair their uniforms. Today these types of rolls remain popular for not only sewing and embroidery tools but also jewelry and cosmetics. This sweet sewing wallet is based on the civil war huswif folding wallet, an ideal place for your sewing accoutrements and a perfect gift for a stitching friend.  The project can be done on a white or black background and creating plump dimensional strawberries will be fun.Students will work with freezer paper patterns, placement guides and templates.  A variety of basting techniques will be presented for increased accuracy. Students will learn appliqué methods including the tack stitch, needle slanting, and layering techniques for creating sculptural dimension in appliqué.  A variety of tools that make working in felted wool fun and easy will be presented. Kit fee of $55 payable to instructor at time of class – see Supply List for detailed description of what goes into each kit. All skill levels.

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