#101 Exploring the Contemporary Drunkard’s Path- Pepper Cory


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All day class. While the traditional Drunkard’s Path pattern shows only the familiar curved seam block with two shapes, in this class you will combine Drunkard’s Path blocks with lots of other patchwork blocks. Oh boy! Design possibilities for Drunkard’s Path patterns just exploded!

The traditional quiltmaker who’s ready to explore can now take control of the design combining two different types of patterns. Plus the larger size of these Drunkard’s Path templates (make an 8 inch square block) means the curved-seam sewing is quite easy. What happens when the Star points of one block meet the curve of a neighboring Drunkard’s Path block? What happens when a large-scale modern fabric seems to let the curves ‘float’ across the quilt’s surface? Where curves and straight lines meet is where the magic happens—this is no longer a predictable block-style quilt. If you’re ready to take the next step in your creative quiltmaking journey, try the Contemporary Drunkard’s Path.

Kit with class is $35 and consists of 8” laser-cut templates (two pieces) for the large DP block, a copy of Pepper’s classic book (from Dover Publications 65 Drunkard’s Path Quilt Designs ) plus numerous graphs for you to color and create your own version of the patterns.

Cost of workshop – $75.

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Classes will be Available for Purchase on April 6th at Noon. Dismiss