L115 Start to Finish- Thursday 7-9


Instructor: Georgia Stull

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Instructor: Georgia Stull

So many students have asked, “How do you do it? What’s the process” This class covers as much information as I can pack into two hours!  >From meeting with the customer….to working with the customer to choose the perfect quilting designs…to making decisions on pricing….to preparing and loading the quilt…to presentation to the customer.  I welcome your questions!  This class is for all quilters but reflective of my experience as a Statler computerized quilter.   As always, there will be a complete step-by-step handout that follows everything taught in class. 2 hours  Class handouts are loaded onto jump drives for $10 payable to Georgia. Her handouts are step-by-step instructions for the materials covered in class. Most handouts are at last 20-30 pages per hour of class.


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