L211 Statlerability: Everything Custom- Friday 9-noon


Instructor: Georgia Stull

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Instructor: Georgia Stull

Custom quilting on a Statler makes a quilt special.  It also makes you stand out as a quilter!  This 3 hour class will prepare you to use the powerful tools provided in Creative Studio to create a quilting masterpiece.  Lots of tips are shared to make sure your custom quilting is as efficient and effective as possible without compromising quality!  Custom Statlerability is attainable!  As always, there will be a complete step-by-step handout that follows everything taught in class.  The handout will be loaded onto a USB stick for your convenience.  3 hours.   Class handouts are loaded onto jump drives for $10 payable to Georgia. Her handouts are step-by-step instructions for the materials covered in class. Most handouts are at last 20-30 pages per hour of class.


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