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We are excited to be back this year for Quilt Odyssey 2017.  We have a great line up of lectures, workshops, and classes from July 20th to the 23rd!

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Friday, July 21


Supply List Key

BSS – Basic Sewing Supplies (needles, thread, seam ripper, fabric and paper scissors,thimble, straight pins and pin cushion, marking pen/pencil, needle threader)
SM – Sewing Machine in good order with extra bobbins, extension cord, power strip and instruction manual.
RCM – Rotary Cutter, Mat and ruler (6″ x 24″ unless otherwise noted)


LL220. FRI, LIGHT LUNCH LECTURE; 12:15PM, TRINIDAD:  BONNIE DWYER – THE MYSTIQUE OF QUILT APPRAISING: This lecture explores the process of quilt appraising, as well as the different types of quilt appraisals.  Cost of lunch and lecture: $32


LL221. FRI TEA LECTURE; 4PM TRINIDAD:  ARLAN & PAT CHRIST – SWINGING TO THE NINES: The nine-patch design continues to be a favorite pattern for quilters everywhere. It is a simple pieced design that uses equal sized squares. The design of the “Nine-Patch” can be more complex by creating unequal squares or dividing each square within the block. This lecture represents the varied possibilities of the Nine-Patch block. It will also include nine block designs – so join us and we will all be “Swinging to the Nines.” Cost of tea and lecture: $25


LL222. FRI EVENING LECTURE/DEMO; 7PM TRINIDAD: MIKE SHETTER – EQ7 GETTING ACQUAINTED.  EQ7 is an extremely powerful quilt design tool. This seminar is designed to get you started quickly so you can concentrate on creativity, not on “computer science.” After an overview to orientate you on the program, we go into detail on how to use the various Worktables. We show examples and answer questions. Our goal is to get you involved with EQ7 so you can easily design basic and complex blocks, layout quilts of any size you can imagine, work with photo quilts and above all, HAVE FUN. In addition, this seminar includes a comprehensive 25+ page guide so when you get home, you have a complete reference as to what was covered in the seminar.  Cost of seminar: $30



201. BLOCK THERAPY – BONNIE DWYER: 9-10AM: Bring your vintage quilts, blocks, or tops and ask the expert for advice. The question of what to do with older textiles plagues many owners of handmade quilts. Bonnie has studied this topic extensively and can offer suggestions on the care, storage, display, sale, or donation of vintage quilts. This program addresses how best to decide what to do with a vintage quilt, including evaluating its age, condition and provenance (its story). Bonnie will bring examples to show, and attendees are encouraged to bring one or two quilts, tops, or block sets for discussion. Cost of class: $25

202. STAR PENNY PINKEEP – LISA BONGEAN: All skill levels. Finished size is 7 inches for this pinkeep made out of our hand dyed wools. Our kits will only include wools to create your project, and the backing fabric. If you need the pattern you will need to purchase kit and pattern for $15. Threads can be purchased separately as a kit or individually.  Lisa recommends the following Valdani perle cotton #12: P12 and #1 Black. Cost of class: $40.

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203. THE FABRIC DETECTIVE – BONNIE DWYER: This is an interactive, hands-on workshop for fabric enthusiasts who want to see vintage fabrics up-close. Bonnie brings samples from her own collection of antique fabrics, quilt blocks and quilts. Participants are urged to bring fabrics, blocks, tops, or quilts to be dated and discussed. Cost of class: $40.

204. WOOL CHRISTMAS ORNIES – LISA BONGEAN: This set of 8 wool Christmas ornaments is sure to be a family heirloom, finished size of each measures 3” x 4 ¼”. Or you can decorate that special someone’s gift with a unique gift they can use year after year. Kit and pattern fee: $30. Cost of class: $40.

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205. OH MY STARS! – NORMA CAMPBELL & MIMI DIETRICH: Oh my! Stars!  Celebrate Quilt Odyssey’s 18th year with Norma and Mimi as they show their students how to  make “stellar” log cabins! Students will piece a traditional log cabin, and Mimi and Norma will show you their favorite techniques for log cabin success. In the afternoon, the Dynamic Duo will split the class into two groups to applique the stars …. by hand and by machine …. technique of your choice!
Kit fee of $10 includes pattern, paper stars and bonus full-size pattern. SUPPLIES: SM with full bobbins of thread that blends with your log cabin blocks; RCM; BSS; thread that coordinates with the log cabin; thread to appliqué the stars; hand sewing needles; fabric & paper scissors; pencil; straight pins; 6″ x 18″ or 6″ 2 24″ ruler. Fabrics to make small quilt (43″ x 43″): 8 fat qtrs of dark fabrics and  8 fat qtrs of light fabrics for the log cabin blocks – colors of your choice; 1/2 yd for stars and inner border; 1-3/8 yds dark fabric for the outer border and binding.  Before class: Please wash and iron all fabrics – we will cut fabrics together in class.Cost of class: $72



207. PARTY POPPERS – DONNA THOMAS: Confident beginner skill level. Rotary cutting and machine piecing skills required. Combining elements from Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts, Patchwork Palette, and On-Point Patchwork, this colorful quilt is fun to make in pairs of blocks at a time. Make just a pair of blocks or an entire quilt but either way you’ll end the day having learned lots of new stuff. Cost of class: $72

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211. IMPATIENS – ANDREA SCHNUR: Join Andrea Schnur as she shares the techniques of Judy Niemeyer in one of her new popular designs –Impatiens Placemats. Learn the teachings that Judy had worked on to help simplify the process of paper piecing her quilts. Class instruction will focus on the intense center of this design, along with providing the standard paper piecing practices, curve piecing, point markings. Take the class and see why so many people are becoming addicted to Quiltworx designs. (In attending this class – all fabrics, templates and foundation papers will need to be cut out beforehand) Andrea prefers her students purchase their patterns from her; so that she is assured they have the latest corrected copy. Patterns not purchased from Andrea – she will not guarantee they have all corrections. Patterns can be ordered on Cost of class: $72

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213. FREE STANDING FABRIC BOOK – CHERYL LYNCH: All skill levels. Turn your (travel) memories into this free standing book. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to transform your inspiration into a page, whether it’s using a photo, words, appliqué or non-traditional techniques. Each page measures 5” x 7” and your book can have as many or as few pages as desired. Bring your ideas and photos to start this unique memento. SUPPLIES: Come to class with a theme for your book, including 4-6 ideas for pages. This can include drawings or photos. Some ideas for a theme can be a vacation, hobby, a person, a collection, etc. Also bring: assorted pieces of fabric to create pages; 1/4 yd fabric for back; Low loft batting (3-4 7” x 10” pieces); 1 yd paper backed sewable fusible web; 1 yd 1/4″ ribbon for edging; assorted colored thread for stitching; 1 yd – Pellon 72F Peltex II (ultra heavyweight interfacing); RCM; tracing paper; pencil; Sharpie marker; paper for sketching; SM with 1/4″ foot and open toe foot for blanket stitching.  Cost of class: $72

206. BELLANOVA – LINDA BALLARD: Beginner plus to advanced skill level. This quilt can be your new “Holy Cow!” quilt! Think of two fabrics you like together, maybe a wonderful batik with lots of colors and a background, thus the look of Linda’s example. She offers the quilt in two sizes, a very large square or rectangle. The pattern contains several blocks – Ohio Star, Log Cabin plus a little extra. The quilt has quick piecing methods. It’s a very stunning quilt and you’ll enjoy the look of it when you finish. Book fee of $5 payable to Linda at the time of the class. Cost of class: $72


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208. WISH UPON – MICHELLE HIATT: Wish Upon, a new pattern created by Deb Tucker for Studio 180 Designs, is frequently made with loads of scraps and can become challenging when using a coordinated grouping of colors, however with Deb’s pattern and a bit of organization, you’ll easily be able to make this spectacular quilt. But, if simpler is more your style or you just prefer scrappy, the scrappy version is for you! Both versions are included in the pattern. Learn how to use Deb’s Split Rects, Tucker Trimmer 1 and Wing Clipper 1 Tools™ as you make this magnificent quilt. The class will include step-by-step use of the tools, as well as general machine piecing hints and tips. Choice of two different size projects available. It is beautiful quilt! Cost of class: $72


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210: BLACK & WHITE & RED ALL OVER – NANCY PRINCE: Black and white fabric is prevalent in most quilt shops and is a very creative option to thread paint some amazing designs. Thread painting on commercial fabric is as easy as 1.2.3. In this workshop you will learn how to blend thread to make the finished flower look realistic. With the design printed, it is easy to begin your thread painting adventure. Once you have taken this class, you will never look at black and white fabric the same. Kit fee of $10 includes printed background fabric, batting, CD or pattern. Cost of class: $72

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212. SASSY MARINER’S COMPASS – DEBBY KRATOVIL: Forget traditional colors and fabrics! Pull out your stash of wild and crazy prints and take a dive into the world of paper piecing a LARGE block. Sharp points, gentle curves, even a halo of little triangles make this a block with a lot of punch! If you can sew a straight line and a true 1/4″ seam, you can make this. Nothing to fear, everything to learn. This is a TECHNIQUE PACKED workshop with a lot of fun. Pattern fee: $10 payable to Debby in class. Cost of class: $72


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215. SIMPLE STARS: BASIC HAND PIECING – DONNA THOMAS: Catch your breath and learn the pleasures of hand piecing. Recapture those low-tech skills that enable you to take your piecing wherever you go. After starting with the basics of template construction and fabric marking, you will master basic piecing and free standing seam allowances. There is a mandatory $5 supply kit that includes template plastic, pins, thread, pencil, sandpaper, and needles. Optional single block fabric kits will be available for $5 more. Kits for the entire 5-block project are available for an additional $15. The only sewing supplies you need to bring to class are fabric shears and craft scissors. There is no need to pre-order or pre-pay for the kits. There will be a large number of assorted kits and colors available in class. You can pay before class or after class via cash, check or credit card. Cost of class: $40

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214. FABRIC INKING: OVER THE RAINBOW WITH CALICO CATS! – JOYCE TENG: Join in as Joyce leads you on a whimsical journey with unique uses of inks and stencils. Students will be using brilliant colors of Tsukineko Inks and a variety of TSC Designs stencils in this hands-on creative class. The color blending and shading methods taught will allow you to produce a dramatic layered stencils effect and soft rainbow color gradients. This fun class will stimulate your imagination and expand your knowledge for creating beautiful surface designs. You will be surprised with the ease of use of these inks, tools and techniques and be able to enhance your fiber art skills. Kit fee of $30 includes an assortment of fabric blocks and lace, two sizes of Fantastix tips, a Water brush pen, squeegee, assorted dabber sizes, ink droppers, spray bottle, one Tsukineko All-Purpose Ink, Fabrico marker, TSC Design stencil and Tidy tray. SUPPLIES: masking or painter’s tape, paper towels, 4 pieces of 6”x6” white printed cotton fabric, 2 pieces of 4″x22” white on white printed fabrc, can of shaving cream (Barbasol works best), brown paper lunch bag, small 2-oz spray bottle with 70% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Cost of class: $35.

216. PAINTING A SIMPLE APPLE – NANCY PRINCE: Do you want to try something new and add another skill to your quilting skills? Then this workshop is for you. Creating with Derwent Inktense pencils is as easy as coloring and it is way too much fun!!. Nancy is not kidding!! It is amazing what these pencils can do and you will want to see how simple it is. A pattern of an apple will be supplied and then the coloring begins. Watch as water and a paintbrush transforms the “coloring” into a beautiful, dramatic and colorful work of art. There is an artist is all of us just waiting to get out!! So come join me for a few hours of total fun! Kit fee of $59.50 includes 9 Derwent Inktense pencils, two 5” x 7” pieces of prepared-for-dying fabric, #2 scrubber fabric brush, #8 scrubber fabric brush, #4 flat end brush, 10” x 10” piece of foam core board, Nancy’s fabric medium, apple drawing, pattern instructions. SUPPLIES: small washcloth (preferably an old clean one), small container for water, small apron – accidents do happen. If you have favorite brushes, bring them with you. Optional items for sale in the workshop: 36 set Derwent Inktense pencils – $48; 72 set Derwent Inktense pencils – $99. (Picture above is before using the techniques learned in class). Cost of class: $40

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LA022. NARROW BORDERS BIG DESIGN – MARGARET GUNN: 8-NOON. HANDS-ON CLASS – 2 STUDENTS PER HEAD. This is a new class suitable for a confident beginner and up. Quilts so frequently have one or more narrow borders that can be challenging to quilt something interesting on. In this class, students will learn a dozen great designs suitable for borders 1-1/2” to 3”. We’ll focus on limited marking techniques, and quilting continuously stitched designs. Kit fee of $20, payable to the instructor at the time of the class, includes a pre-marked top, batting, backing and class handouts. SUPPLIES: must bring a straight longarm template,  a 6″ circle template,  paper/pencil, scissors/snips and a blue water-soluble marking pen. Cost of class: $105.

LA026. DENSE & DAINTY – MARGARET GUNN: 2-6PM. HANDS-ON CLASS – 2 STUDENTS PER HEAD.  Quilters who are familiar with Margaret’s quilts know how much she loves smaller scale fillers! She has two dozen great designs of small background fills to teach, covering styles from traditional to modern. Students will learn some techniques for minimal marking of these patterns, appropriate threads, and her tricks for pain-free quilting. Kit fee of $20 includes top, batting, backing and class handouts. Students must bring paper/pencil, scissors/snips and a blue water-soluble marking pen. Cost of class: $105